About Us

The Home Front supports frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Our mandate is to provide effective and strategic ways to help for people who want to make a difference for the frontlines of COVID-19. We research the greatest upcoming needs on the frontlines of COVID-19, talk to people on the ground, collect donations, and donate what we collect to the places that need it most. We make it easy for people who want to give back to know that their money is making a difference. We are a volunteer organization affiliated with registered charity The Upside Foundation.

Our Guiding Principles

Take action based on the urgent needs shared by those who need help the most


Be in it for the long haul (this is a marathon, not a sprint)


Hope for the best - prepare for the worst


Don’t get in the way - complement other official and citizen-led initiatives


Help to channel energy and good intentions into productive action

Our Story

When COVID-19 first arrived and we read in horror about the situations in Italy and New York, we were devastated to think of our frontline healthcare workers not having the basic support and equipment they needed. We launched the Home Front to help meet the needs of the frontline workers who are facing COVID-19 head-on. In our mission to meet this community’s most pressing needs, we started our efforts with sourcing PPE, then shifted to support long term care homes and shelters experiencing outbreaks as the situation evolved.


Over the last 6 months, though there have been ebbs and flows, health care professionals are exhausted, overworked, under-resourced, and ill equipped to handle this second wave. In our continued efforts to support these invaluable hard working members of society, we’re working on new and innovative ways to support those fighting on the front lines.


We’re looking at:

1) supporting immediate needs

2) understanding the systemic changes that need to happen in order to better support the sector going forward.

Who We Are

A collective of professionals and entrepreneurs taking action to support frontline workers.

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Jen Couldrey

Founder & Director

Executive Director, Upside Foundation

download (11).jpeg

Zoë Share

Communications Director

CEO, Schmooz Media

download (8).png

Nicole Hrinco

Resource Development Lead

Co-founder, UGO Impact


Gabriella Rackoff

Writer and Design Lead

Creative Director & Brand Strategist


Cathy Landolt

Digital Media Lead

Founder, Blue Elephant Productions

Abe Joseph.jpg

Abe Joseph

Community Grants Analyst

Health Policy & Equity Masters Student


Hirushan Thayalan

Community Grants Manager

Associate Consultant at Mastercard Data & Services

Thank you so much to all those who were instrumental in launching The Home Front

Alexis Dean

Ashley Wang

Ben Rosenblum

Brendan Higgins

Cameron Goldberg

Davinia Chew

Diana House

Fotini Iconomopoulos

Gabrielle Foss

Gillian Irving

Gorica MacLellan

Janice Sousa

Jenessa Olson

Jess Chan

Jill Valentine

Juliana Casale

Julie Eldridge

Julien Balbontin

Kate Grant

Madison Olson

Mark Jaine

Mark Jordan

Mike Brcic

Nataleigh Ballantyne

Oksana Salamaszek

Raya Kassam

Richa Thapliyal

Sarah Selhi

Sirin Tuteja

Swarit Dholakia

Will Perkins

Zaafir Ladha


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