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Our Community is Stronger with Your Help!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

At The Home Front, it is important for us to share the resources and education about what is happening for Front Line Medical workers and help individuals and businesses find ways to support our Home Front Heroes. Some of those ways include volunteer time, bringing supplies to hospital drop-off points and contributing to our Go Fund Me Campaign.

In these first weeks of our work at The Home Front, we have had some amazing early wins that we want to celebrate with you.

Thank you so much to our individual and corporate donors who have given $100 or less!

-       Peter Deitz -       Rickesh Lakhani -       Jackie Lee -       Julie Norris and Santiago Lopez -       Susan and Philip Gordin -       Anthony Hui -       Cassie -       JJ Asuming-Tawiah -       David King -       Stuart Thursby -       Will Bradley -       Shonak Patel -       Zaafir Ladha -       Connor Anderson -       Jennifer -       Mike Brcic -       Lisa Niskasari -       Marta Abel -       Jami Monte -       Alana Kaplan

You have sent some beautiful messages to us that we wanted to share:

Great job Zoe & Team!!”

“Thank you for helping get more PPE to our caregivers!”

Whether you are able to donate or not, we would like to thank you in advance for sharing what The Home Front is doing and if you are able to make a donation, please note that if it's over $20, you will receive a tax receipt. 

Please find us on social media on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and help us spread the word.