The HomeFront is currently working to support frontline workers in these key areas: 


  • Personal Protective Equipment: We are directing individuals and businesses with supplies such as N95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, gowns, and goggles to hospital-run PPE drives 

  • Accommodations: We are partnering with accommodations providers to seek alternative housing solutions for healthcare professionals who don’t want to risk bringing the virus home 

  • Meals: We are partnering with organizations who can help supply healthcare workers with meals so they can stay well and energized while keeping patients healthy


If you’re a healthcare provider, please reach out and tell us how we can best support you and your colleagues. 


Companies are stepping up to support our country’s healthcare workers at this time. Here are some active offers and resources that healthcare providers can benefit from today.


Accommodations and Transportation


The first 100,000 frontline workers to book a place for a COVID-19 related stay won't pay service fees, and all booking fees will go towards the host. To redeem, fill out the online form on the Airbnb website


Marriott Downtown Toronto is offering a 43% nightly rate discount for healthcare workers. To redeem for stays longer than 30 days, contact For stays less than 30 days, please submit this form.

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Homewood Hilton Hamilton is offering a 50% nightly rate discount for healthcare workers. To redeem, please 

submit this form.

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Staywell is providing local, comfortable housing at a reduced cost for frontline healthcare workers and their families. Book on the Staywell website.

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YYZ Housing is providing short-term housing to healthcare workers, thanks to this volunteer project connecting property owners with healthcare workers in Toronto, ON. To redeem, visit

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SpaceiShare is mobilizing their community to offer spaces for pop-up medical sites, parking spots, and accommodations for medical workers. To redeem, visit

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Health Worker Housing is a volunteer initiative to connect healthcare workers with low-cost, short-term housing during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada.


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COVID PPE Help is a network that connects customers, suppliers, donors and logistics to fulfill PPE needs across Canada. To view a table of PPE offers, visit the PPE Exchange website.

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Xpand Shoelaces is offering front-line workers a pack of no-tie elastic laces, which can be used for shoes or for masks, for free. To redeem, fill out the online form on the Xpand website.


Meals TO Heal is offering free meals for healthcare workers over the coming months. Visit

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UberEats is providing 300,000 free meals to healthcare workers valued at $25 each. To redeem, fill out this Google Form

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KitchenMate is offering thousands of free meals to healthcare workers over the coming months, and waiving 100% of their service costs. To redeem, email


Feed the Frontlines TO is offering free meals for healthcare workers over the coming months. Visit

Financial/Legal Services

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CPAs across the province want to contribute their professional expertise to help prepare frontline healthcare workers’ 2019 taxes. To redeem, fill out online form on the CPA website.

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Willful is offering 1000 free customized legal plans to healthcare workers across Canada. To redeem, fill out the online form. 

Mental Healthcare

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The Ontario COVID-19 Mental Health Network is providing one-on-one no-fee therapy, in order to help healthcare workers feel connected and supported. To redeem, visit and fill out the online form. 

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Hoame is providing free stress reduction and relaxation meditation videos, accessible online to healthcare workers. To redeem, email



Some health care and frontline workers can send their children to emergency child care while they are at work. Learn more at

Hire eldercare assistance through

Hire childcare assistance through